Our Vision

PGHI Envisions:

  • A world where people with disabilities live healthier and enriched lives and are nurtured by caring and supportive communities that minimize and eliminate barriers.
  • Healthy integrated communities in which people learn to respect each other for what they have in common, and celebrate their differences.
  • Understanding communities that provide opportunity and respect; and inspire people with disabilities to live a
    full life.
  • Increased understanding and acceptance of disabilities as a natural part of life.
  • A world where every individual and family with any disability has access to information and skills they need to participate as active citizens and members of their community.
  • Changing society‚Äôs perception of people with disabilities by nurturing meaningful relationships which in turn will help people with disabilities to navigate through life with more confidence and ease.
  • Participating in the development of a society that fully includes individuals with disabilities.
  • Creating a more open society where people with disabilities can experience full inclusion, including employment.

Future Goals

Nearly 50 million Americans are disabled, and two-thirds of these individuals are affected by a severe disability. To accomplish our vision, PGHI has set the following goals:

  • Support recreational, child and youth development organizations that include children with and without
  • Emphasize social and economic equity so that disabled children, youth and adults have increased opportunities
    to live independently as productive and contributing members of society.
  • Improve employment opportunities for the disabled who are not working but are ready, willing and able to work.
  • Provide information, support, workshops and referrals to families of the disabled and to professionals who
    work with them.
  • Provide access to information and service resources geared for U.S. veterans with disabilities, their supporters
    and their families.
  • Build an effective, responsive, well managed, responsibly-governed and sustainable organization.