Being disabled can include anything from an intellectual/developmental disability such as autism or dyslexia to a physical handicap such as blindness, deafness or paralysis. These disabilities affect both the individual and their family or caregivers. Sever organizations provide a myriad of assistance and support programs to support these individuals. We will host several events each year to support these organizations financially; and/or provide a bridge between these organizations and advocates, professionals, families and members of the disability community.

We will raise funds to provide financial aid and assistance to programs like Doctors Without Borders, Habitat for Humanity, Pride Industries, Paralyzed Veterans of America, and other similar programs that assist and provide services to the disabled. The following are the fundraising activities we will conduct:

  • Car Wash – Promote event, conduct site sales and wash cars at Gas Stations and High school locations in our community.
  • Rummage /Garage Sale – Promote event, collect donations from neighborhoods and other donors to sell at Rummage Sales.
  • Food / Toiletry /Medical Supplies Drives – Promote events, contact local hospitality and lodging facilities to collect toiletries; contact neighborhoods to collect canned foods; contact medical and healthcare facilities and professional to request donations of common, inexpensive ambulatory devices such as crutches etc., all with the purpose of donating to several organizations supporting the disabled.

Although the individual dollar amount from each of these fundraisers is small, the compound result when everyone does their part and partakes in the fundraising opportunities is significant

Please watch our calendar for all upcoming events.