Request For Grants

PGHI will entertain requests for grants from organizations that have a proven track record of assisting and supporting the poor, distressed, and underprivileged. The requests will be entertained contingent upon the availability of funds and only if our budget does allow for such a disbursement. The Board of Directors has the final authority to approve such request.

  • Disbursements in excess of $500 will require the applicant to submit a Request Proposal. The request proposal will need to identify a detailed description of the applicant’s need and how the funds will be put to use. The request will need to include their description of the allocation of the disbursed funds, on a percentage basis, to the direct cause versus any administrative and overhead costs associated with their efforts. Grant request proposals will, however, only be accepted if our budget does allow for such a disbursement.
  • We do not require a formal application form for smaller disbursement. We will, however, require letters from the applicants, identifying their needs and a brief description of how their need and utilization of resources will conform to our organizational goals.